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Ignition kit - MZ-ETZ

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235 € incl. 21% VAT and Shipping costs

ETZ 125, ETZ 150, ETZ 250, ETZ 251, ETZ 301

Complete, electronic ignition system 12 V 180 W, suitably for MZ, models ETZ125, ETZ150, ETZ250, ETZ251. This ignition substitutes for the complete generator with unterbreaker or other electronic ignitions. This ignition system is delivered ready with installation and is preset. All ignitions are checked before delivery for effectiveness, all components are tested as a set. To this set we deliver detailed installation instructions with figures. The individual parts of the ignition do not suit for electronic ignitions of other manufacturers. All individual parts are also orderable separately as a spare part with us. In this implementation the ignition system can be operated not without battery. By the complete delivery of the attachment set the ignition is suitably with ETZ125 and ETZ150, but also with ETZ250 and ETZ251.
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